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PPT Presents Episode 22: Ask and Ye Shall Recieve

April 26, 2020

Welcome to PPT Presents, Episode 22!
Thank you for listening!

Today on PPT Presents we have:

First, I sat down and had a chat with the lovely Liz Williams. Liz is a Fantasy fiction author, who recently released a non fiction book called "Miracles of our Own Making" which is a historical Overview of magic in the British Isles.  Her book can be purchased at Amazon

Next we have It Makes You Think with Cynthia and Howard Day, they will be talking about Celebrating Beltane while sheltered in place.

After that, we have the triumphant return of "Ask a Wizard". Magnus sent this along with apologies, he had to rebuilt his studio after the last segment he recorded. Let's hope this one ends a bit better for him!

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