Pagan Pathways Temple Podcast

PPT Presents Episode 21: Community Foundations

April 12, 2020

Welcome to PPT Presents, Episode 21!
Thank you for listening!

Today on PPT Presents we have:

First we have Tonya, one of our wonderful longtime teachers at Pagan Pathways Temple with our morning devotional. Tonya talks about the importance of goal setting, staying positive in the face of adversity.

Next we have It Makes You Think with Cynthia and Howard Day, they will be talking about How to best honor the memories of those who have fallen.

Then about Eggs and cleansing by one of our wonderful teachers Dennis Delpier. Dennis has been a fixture in our community for the past several years, and took it upon himself to post a friendly reminder about scheduling and cleansing.

And finally, a short song written by D.R. Dunne (Dee), our podcast producer.

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