Pagan Pathways Temple Podcast

PPT Presents Episode 15: Snakes, Africa and Denial, OH MY!

January 19, 2020

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Today on PPT Presents we have:

Dominique's morning devotional. Every Sunday, we have a Morning devotional at the temple to set our intentions for the week. This week, the Temple was closed due to weather, but Dominique still recorded from her home temple! The artwork she mentions is available at (ZAAR-OWE) This link is available in the description.

Next we will have Cynthia Day and Fir on "It Makes You Think" They continue their trip around the world, this week talking about African Paganism.

After that, we will have The Spell-Cast with the Dunne's, this week we will be talking about Denial and how it poisons our perceptions of reality.

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Thank you for listening to the Pagan Pathways Temple Network Broadcast. Blessed Be!
This Week's Words to live by: "Never Apologize for the space you take up."