Pagan Pathways Temple Podcast

PPT Presents Ep. 8

October 13, 2019

On today's episode we have, Story Time with the Dunne's where we are speaking about Harmonic Convergence and the fact that there are really few coincidences in life. That story begins right after this introduction.

We also have A Mug of Coffee, a Cup of Tea with our High Priestess Dani and her Buddhist husband Josh who will be speaking about life events in each of their religious practices,

and we will also hear from Cynthia Day on "It Makes You Think" whose episode speaks about how shadow work can vary a great deal due to a number of different contributing factors. The segment is entitled "inside, Outside shadow work"

If you are in the Metro Detroit Area on October 20th, please come check out our temple's 5th anniversary. There will be speakers, an Ordination for our Clergy, and a potluck to follow! It's Sure to be a great time and we'd love to see you! Pagan Pathways Temple is located in Madison Heights, at 28736 John R Rd.

Also coming up at the temple is our Town Hall Meeting. This meeting takes place on October 25th, and begins at 7pm. This meeting is designed to tell our members and the community at large what the temple's board of directors has been working on since the last meeting.

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